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9/16/04 - Kyle finally got to meet his guitar idol Eddie Van Halen thanks to  Make A Wish Foundation they finally made his wish that was made 18 months ago come true!

Happy 4 of July to all!
We are happily home from Philly, but we left two new friends there and will miss Bryan and Bobbie alot. Sorry I didn't write many updates while we were in Shriners I developed a major sinus infection and was down for almost the whole time. Kyle is doing very well with how much movement already he has with his thumbs and fingers.  We need to have pins removed from his thumbs and a hand surgeon in Orlando will be contacted by Dr. Kozin to help us with that. what a great place Shriners is...the staff where wonderful and for the most part really genuine about caring for the kids.  The hand therapist we will be using for rehab spoke with Shriners friday and has a very detailed protocol to follow for this hand surgery...Dr. Kozin says he is available to answer any questions she has don't hesitate to call...what a great guy you would not believe how down to earth this Dr. is.... the o.t. says he is the top dawg in this area of tendon transfers. how blessed we are!
and we asked the lord to bless all of you for sticking by us. thank you for your prayers.
Marie, Bruce, Kyle and Dana

PS Dana is at camp in Tennessee this week pray she stays safe rock climbing, kayaking, white water rafting....etc.  Love to you all.

6/22/04 - Better day today here at Shriners... Kyle has   had a rough time with his pain from surgery. the pain meds where causing him to be nauseous.  He fainted yesterday morning in the bathroom, and it was 3pm yesterday before he better.  Sooo no more morphine, oxycotin, percocet - only tylenol and tylenol with codeine.  His hands are out of the casts already and they have made splints that are removable during therapy.   He is moving his fingers and thumbs, they tell us the critical therapy is done here so i won't stress out about hand therapy at home. 1 week gone...2 to go and i feel it will pass quickly. Miss you all, Marie and Kyle

6/18/04 - Better news today....we figured out pain meds by 11:30 pm last night so Kyle had a restful night. the physical therapist came in twice today and had him doing finger movements. he admitted Kyle is coming along much faster than most of his patients after this surgery.  Kyle got out of bed and in his wheelchair for a few hours today, but it exhausted him and he has been in bed since. They also sent in a tech to make adjustments to his chair so he can use the joystick control with his casted hand.  He is doing fantastic, very uncomfortable, but tolerating it well. thank you for your prayers.. our love to you all and a special thanks to the Shriners for this opportunity.

6/17/04 - Kyle was in surgery for 4 hours (2 hours per arm). Dr. Kozin said the surgery went well with no complications with anesthesia. Unfortunately, he is in alot of pain. They are trying to keep him well medicated to help him thru this tough time. For the next day he is being kept in an ICU-like area and on O2. They are giving him morphine and valium and some other drug to manage him without putting him in respiratory failure. Thank you for your prayers!

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